About Us


A Romanian fashion designer residing in Dubai for more than 15 years, Diana M. Dragusin established the foundations of Maison DMD successful fashion brand business after noticing a gap on the market between luxury designer items and high-street labels. Her idea was that every woman deserves a statement piece that is done by the same principles as a high-end brand in terms of quality materials, original hand drawn illustrations and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

Like every iconic brand has its starting point, the company has a special story rooted in the childhood of the founder.

Diana was born with an extraordinary style gene, fashion being her sixth sense. At a very young age, her grandmother, a tailor by profession, taught her how to sew, and the love of art was passed on from her father, a sculptor that turned his hobby into a lucrative business.

Known as a perfectionist, Diana believes that as long as you have the determination to make it happen, anything can be accomplished. Therefore, where determination met creativity and passion, Maison DMD was brought to reality.

From the inception of the idea, to designing the prints, mixing the colors, Diana enjoys seeing how the Art-to-Wear products take the shape of her vision. A very spiritual person, she guides her life according to the concepts of astrology and numerology. In her creations, she is constantly searching for celestial inspiration.